Reality Check: Grey's Anatomy To Lose Its Best (And Only Unabashedly Gay) Character

(Photo: ABC)

• Less than one week after Cally's new girlfriend compared their hot, between-the-sheets action to "getting glasses" comes word that Dr. Erica Hahn will be checking out of Seattle Grace hospital... permanently. Hmm, guess a good lesbian relationship is hard to find -- and even harder to keep -- on a ratings-challenged primetime show. (E! Online)

• And speaking of Grey's, is The Simpsons' Nelson Muntz the new Isaiah Washington?? (TMZ)

• Three reasons why comedienne Kathy Griffin sez she'd never do Dancing with the Stars: "Number one, I can’t even touch my toes. Number two, I don’t get along with others so I’d probably fire my partner. And number three, I am busy telling d— jokes and I cannot spend my time dancing. I have a lot of celebrities to offend and I need to stay focused." (People)

• It's official! Playboy bunny Holly Madison has dumped her creepy older man, Hugh Hefner for a creepy younger man: Criss Angel. Congrats? (E! Online)

• And finally, some unsolicited advice for Saturday Night Live's Kristen Wiig: Keep working on your Elisabeth Hasselbeck. (TV Squad)