Paris Preemptively Pats Self On The Back: High Voter Turnout? You're Welcome!

Remember all those hot, Paris-approved campaign messages -- and the "Paris for President" music video? Well, thanks to the heiress' selfless efforts, she may be indirectly responsible for what looks to be a record high voter turnout. Fortunately, she's taking it all in stride. "It's exciting to be involved in the biggest election in history," the reality star/political pundit told E! Online. "It encourages a lot of young voters to speak their voice and to vote."

And, as always, Paris refuses to be underestimated. Those faux campaign ads? Totally educational! "I was talking about issues and actually making sense but still playing with my image at the same time," sez Hilton. "Doing it in a ditzy way, but actually saying things I think can really help it along."

Hear that, people? She was just getting the political message out. And after all, wasn't it about time we had a candidate who cared about the real issues? Like, you know, the effect global warming's having on the fake-and-bake industry...