End Of An Era: A Closer Look At Audrina And Lauren's Tearful TTYL

We read the rumors, we saw the pictures and we stared, open-mouthed, as Audrina confirmed that she'd be moving into new digs this season. But we didn't realize she'd spring it on Lauren (and, well, us!) so unexpectedly. Or that she kinda, sorta, maybe was thinking about sharing her new abode with Justin Bobby (a.k.a the man so great he needed two names). Either way, while Spencer and Heidi were happily toasting Audrina's decision to move out, LC was busy reassuring herself and Lo that 'Drina wasn't moving out of their lives -- just out of their guest house.

Still, Lauren and Lo admitted that they were at least indirectly to blame for Audrina's impending departure ("I don't think this was ever her home," LC acknowledged), which had us prepping ourselves for another Maybelline-sponsored cryfest. Instead, Lauren pulled it together by reminding Audrina of their two years of (pre-Lo) best friendship, and put a positive fortune cookie-esque spin on 'Drina's house-hopping, pointing out "It's not the end of the story, it's just 'to be continued.'"

So what's our final verdict? Well, all in all, it wasn't the dramatic standoff we'd feared -- or the super-sappy lovefest we'd (secretly) wanted. And while the ep wasn't enough to make us forget all the uncomfortableness that went down between Lauren and Audrina this past year or so, it was enough to remind us just how much this friendship's worth saving.

+ Think LC and Audrina will stay close despite the geographic divide? Or will Audrina's decision to leave cause the former besties to drift even more than they already have? Let us know whether you guys think Audrina's new digs will be a wakeup call -- or a point of no return.