MTB Mayhem! Dawn And Que Go Gangsta For Halloween, Aubrey O'Day Swims With The Fishes

After looking at these pics of Dawn Richard and Que Mosley's Halloween costumes (the pair hit up the Dusk Till Dawn gala at The Plumm club in NYC), we've come up with three possible theories to explain their wacky, mismatched look:

Theory #1: Omigod, they're Bonnie and Clyde! Except in this version, Dawn's wearing the pants (er, so to speak) and Que's playing Clyde's gun-totin' partner in re-imagined by Jason Vorhees.

Theory #2: Let's see...Dawn's dressed up as a Foot Locker employee and Que's going as Silent Man #344 in Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut?

Theory #3: Dawn's going as a much, much sexier version of Al Capone (minus the schnoz), and Que's going as someone who hit up the Halloween aisle at his neighborhood CVS.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Making the Band land, former Danity Kane-er Aubrey O'Day made waves as Ariel from The Little Mermaid, and D. Woods was...well, we're not entirely sure. Check out her pic after the jump and see if you can enlighten us as to what she's wearing and, more importantly, why she's wearing it.

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