Prepare For Spencer's Wrath: Rumor Has It, Holly Montag Is Moving Into LC's Guest House!

Sure, you already knew Audrina was peacing out of Lauren's guest house and snatching up some prime real estate of her very own. (And you'll get to see how it all goes down on tonight's Hills!) But here's something you might not have heard yet: According to Star magazine (via the New York Daily News), the name of LC and Lo's new roomie might be 'Montag'. No, not Heidi. The other one! Writes the NYC tab:

Apparently Heidi Montag's sister Holly is going to move into Lauren Conrad's guest house. After all, Star says, Holly has been "practically homeless" since Spencer kicked her out of his and Heidi's apartment. You heard the mag: homeless. As in, pushing her life around in a shopping cart and sleeping on the sidewalk under a pile of Badgley Mischka knits.

Hmm, we're not exactly buying the bit about sleeping on the streets. (Wait, was that before or after Holly landed the job working for Joe Francis and hit the red carpet with Doug?) We are, however, intrigued by reports that Holly's gone from sleeping on Spencer's sofa/office to possibly playing house with her sister's archnemesis.

+ Supposing the rumor's true and Holly will be crashing in Lauren's guest house, how do you guys think Heidi's gonna react? Think she'll look at Holly's choice of roomie as a betrayal of trust? Or did she forfeit the right to pass judgment on her sister's living sitch the moment she sided with Spencer and told Holly pack her bags?

BONUS: The one and only Audrina Patridge will be on tonight's Hills: Live After Show (via satellite!) With luck, Jessi and Dan will make her dish the dirt on why she really moved out on her own -- and whether Holly's taken over her share of the rent.