Heed LC's Love Advice! You Don't Wanna Make The Same Dating Mistakes She Did...

As Lisa Love predicted, Lauren Conrad will forever be known as "the girl who didn't go to Paris." During Season One of The Hills, she blew off an amazing opportunity to work for Teen Vogue overseas, and it was all for a boy... a bad boy who broke her heart months later.

Audrina Patridge has spent four long years giving Justin Bobby chance after chance to become a decent boyfriend. Heidi Montag's proclaimed soulmate has been labeled a villain in the press and by her own family. And Whitney Port seems to attract guys with hot bods but no brain cell count.

They're no love experts, but all four of these girls can certainly give you a long list of Dating DON'Ts! In fact, they did exactly that in The Hills: Lessons In Love (MTV/Pocket), a new book in stores tomorrow that's chock full of relationship advice from our friends who've learned the hard way. My favorite piece of insight comes from LC:

"When you're looking for someone, you're really looking for anyone, and you tend to settle... You should always be OK being by yourself. When you're not looking, and you're truly cool to be on your own, a guy has to be spectacular for you to put in all the effort of a relationship. You won't waste your time with temporary, mediocre guys."

Note to self: Dump hot dog vendor during lunch break. No more dating guys who wear hair nets.