Audrina Vs. Justin: Whose Side Are You On?

Usually, we're 100% on Audrina's side when it comes to Justin Bobby-related drama. But after seeing tonight's episode, we can't help but feel a little bad for the guy. Sure, we could've done without the part where he (obnoxiously) whispered "I'm free! Hall pass!" across the table to Doug during dinner, but truth is? He kinda had a point.

After all, it's not like Audrina was exactly an open book when it came to Corey. JB had to hear about it from Frankie (who, despite what the guys might've said last week, is far from Justin's BFF). And there's nothing worse than hearing that your girlfriend's been seeing someone else, except maybe if it's (a) on tv, (b) in front of all your friends, and (c) after you've committed to spend an entire weekend with said girlfriend in Cabo.

Truth is, Audrina probably could've given JB a heads-up on the whole Corey sitch. But whether or not you think he deserved an explanation, the hall pass officially ends now. Like Lauren said, "maybe it's time to let him go." (And, FYI: Moving on means not caring when he spends his weekend hitting on sleazies and wearing your faux-flower.)

+ What do you guys think? Should Audrina have told Justin about Corey before Cabo? Or did he get what he deserved by telling her he wasn't ready to be exclusive?