One-On-One With Whit: Girlfriend Says G'Bye To Hills Drama, Hello To City Sophistication!

Sweet? Check.

Smart? Check.

Jawdroppingly gorgeous? Check, please.

I don't just love Whitney Port... I sorta want to be her. Which sorta makes me hate her. And it's not like she wasn't always all of the above things listed, but I somehow took solace in assuming that the "work friend" didn't have much more to offer than some exaggerated facial expressions and a sounding board for The Hills "real star", Lauren Conrad. Time to do a takesies backsies.

Port's life has gone from 0 to 100 in just a few short weeks. Not only did MTV announce that she'll be taking on her own reality TV show in '09 -- The City -- cameras already started shooting Whit moving about her new hometown of Manhattan, where she's got lots of even more amazing stuff than usual currently lined up. Sure, you've probably heard about the job with Diane von Furstenberg, but did you know there's already a special guy in the mix? And it's not that dud Alex from her People's Rev days. Watch a clip from my exclusive interview with Whit to hear all about the hottie who's keeping her warm at night:

And just in case any of you Hills diehards are skeptical of the spinoff, Whitney assured me that The City isn't just some NYC version of LC's life. She even seems to think there will be less drama on her show, but c'mon, you know MTV would never allow that! I'm betting a few skeletons are about to burst through this fashion plate's closet, especially now that we get to meet her close friends and family. More from Whit on all that below, and don't forget to tune in to The Hills: Live After Show tonight at 10:30pm ET to see our girl in all her "real star" glory!