Hills Quote-Off! Lauren Hates Sleazies, Doug Hates Girls And Spencer Hates Just About Everyone

There were a lot of good one-liners in tonight's episode of The Hills. So which one was the best? Well, that depends on whether you're judging based on wit, comedic value or overall cringeworthiness.

Natch, we enjoyed the inherent awkwardness of Pratt vs. Pratt most of all, although we give Lauren props for taking the sleazies in stride. Meanwhile, Justin "Flower Stealer" Bobby gets a well-deserved shout-out for "Most Mature" while Doug takes home the "Best Transparent Attempt At Sucking Up To Brody" award. Below, our rundown of the evening's best-and-worst zingers for you to vote on!

(Bonus points if you can tell us why anyone would ever arrive 40 minutes early to stake out a restaurant.)