The Hills: Live After Show Welcomes Whitney Port To The Motherland!

Greetings from MTV Canada! I'm stationed in the Toronto office tonight to get an inside look at how The Hills: Live After Show all comes together --especially when it's got one big star in da hizzy (Whitney Port) and two no-chopped-livers (Lauren Conrad and Brody Jenner) phoning in from LA.

Right now the place is abuzz with excitement as everyone awaits the arrival of Port, tonight's featured guest. I'm kinda psyched myself, since I'll be getting some one-on-one time with Whit in just one hour! No worries, OF COURSE I'll be asking about her new Hills spinoff, The City. And OF COURSE I'll be trying to get all the dirt on the mystery man she's rumoured to be dating (these silly Canadians spell "rumor" with an "ou"... cute!). No stone will be left unturned, my friends. But while I wait, I'm just gonna make myself at home in the Green Room with a fat plate of free catering and pretend that I don't have a super huge crush on Dan. Uh, and maybe Jessi, too.