Reality Check: Not Every Girl Shares Our Chuck Bass Infatuation

• Despite the fact that Chuck Bass (and, by extension, Ed Westwick) is the epitome of awesomeness, it appears that some women are impervious to his (their?) charms. And by "some" we mean a certain "leggy brunette" who (inexplicably!) responded to Westwick's persistent overtures by turning around and shouting "All right - enough out of you!" (NY Daily News)

• "Which Gossip Guy would you date?" wants to know. Your options are (a) Chuck, (b) Nate or (c) Dan, although we would have added in a fourth choice: (d) Does it even matter? (

• Hot-but-unknown actor Luke Grimes is reportedly in talks to pay William Walker's illegitimate son, Ryan on Brothers & Sisters. (E! Online)

• Meanwhile, what's up with all the celeb cameos this year? This week in sitcom-land, Nicole Richie guest-stars on Chuck, Lindsay Lohan reprises her role as Ugly Betty's high school nemesis and Katie Holmes drops in on Eli Stone. (

• Speaking of which, Sarah Palin's guest-appearance on this weekend's SNL yielded the show's highest ratings in over a decade. Presumably, this has something to do with Palin's influence over the elusive Joe Six-Pack demographic. (WaPo)