Whitney Port's Got A Brand New Entourage!

We love ourselves a good old-fashioned Hills cameo. Which is why we were thrilled to see Whitney Port's blink-or-you'll-miss-it appearance on last night's fashion-centric episode of Entourage. Or as Newsday.com blogger Mark LaMonica puts it: "[Whitney] had just about as much face time in Entourage as she did in some of the early season episodes of The Hills."

Ouch. Fortunately, Whit's days of fading into the background are almost over! With all the buzz surrounding her new spinoff, The City, it's only a matter of time before Lauren's former Teen Vogue sidekick becomes a major star in her own right. That is, assuming designer Diane von Furstenberg feels like sharing the spotlight (Whit, we heart you, but if DVF's got half as much watchability as People's Revolution boss-lady Kelly Cutrone, we have a feeling our eyes will be permanently glued to the back of her wrap dress.)

+ Think Whitney can carry a show of her very own? Let us know whether you'll be following her post-LC adventures in the Big Apple. Plus, check back later tonight when we catch up with Whit on her way to the Hills: Live After Show! (Bonus: Not a cameo -- she's the featured guest!)