Spencer Launches 'Operation Get Rid Of Holly!' PLUS: Audrina Takes A Sexy Swim

Spencer Pratt was never a big proponent of the "Holly Montag Moving In" plan, but this week, Heidi's sis pretty much sealed her fate by bringing up LC's name in Casa de Speidi (Big Mistake #1) and trying to go head-to-head with Spencer on his home turf (Big Mistake #2). And on next week's Hills, Spencer's forcing Heidi to choose sides once and for all by giving her the mother of all ultimatums ("I'm moving out, or she's moving out").

Meanwhile, Audrina (who's still rebounding from those icky Lauren-Justin Bobby rumors) has found herself in a new kind of love triangle. The kind that comes from playing the field and dating TWO gorgeous guys at the same time. And while we don't see her name-dropping JB on her dates with hottie BMX biker Corey Bohan, something tells us Justin Bobby's not out of the picture just yet. (And by "something" we mean "the scene where 'Drina rips off her bikini top and invites JB to join her in the pool.")