Halloween Flashback: RW San Diego's Brad, Robin And Randy Came To Party

Hey there, boys and ghouls! Since Halloween happens to be our most favoritest day of the whole year, we figured we'd take a sec to remind you that you're never, ever too old to get all dressed up and take candy from strangers. So GET OUT THERE and start scaring people!

But first, take a look at Halloween Hall of Fame-wrothy costumes from Brad, Robin and Randy of Real World: San Diego.

In fact, give those guys (and girl) a giant, foam-rubber hand for managing to look both unselfconscious and festive in their goofy getups. And, in Brad and Randy's case, for finding a way to clutch those (comparatively) teeny pony-necked beers in their puffy, oven mitt-sized fingers without spilling a single drop.