Senator Barack Obama Will Now Take Your Questions

If you had the chance to ask Barack Obama anything in the entire world, what would it be? No wait, don't tell us -- tell him. See, MTV News is gonna have a sit-down with the country's leading democrat and they're giving you guys a chance to come up with the questions. (It's freedom of speech at its greatest, folks!)

So whether you're pro-Maverick or ready to Barack the vote this coming Tuesday, head on over to MTV Tr3s and tell us what YOU wanna know about the man who has a 50/50 shot at becoming our nation's 44th president. Then tune in on Monday, November 3rd (at 9am and 7pm) to see whether your questions made it on the air.

And trust us -- this is one opportunity you don't want to miss. As they say in weddings, speak now ... or forever hold your piece.

UPDATE: Watch the interview online now at!