Unlike The Donald, Fiddy's New Show Will NOT Be Putting The 'Bored' In 'Boardroom'

In case you hadn't heard, 50 Cent's got a new show kicking off next week called 50 Cent: The Money and The Power, and it's gonna be off the chains. And lest you thought this was gonna be another Apprentice, Fiddy's making it clear that he and The Donald have very different ideas when it comes to, well, everything. Like, for instance, their attitudes towards combovers (Donald's in favor!) rapping (Donald's against!) and, natch, running a business.

So sit back, grab your Vitamin Waters and get psyched up for 50's new show (It's sorta like From G's to Gents, only the opposite!) by re-watching the trailer and checking out our three all-time fave Fiddy videos. Then stay tuned for the premiere of The Money and The Power on Thursdsay, November 6th at 10pm. In our (mostly) unbiased opinion, it's the best thing that's ever been shot.

Except, of course, for 50 Cent...

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