Reality Check: John McCain To 'Pull A Palin,' Guest-Star On Saturday Night Live

• This just in: presidential hopeful John McCain to spend the last Saturday before next week's elections on SNL! With luck, his performance fall somewhere in the realm of Better Than The Last Time and Worse Than Sarah Palin. Only this time around, we're thinking he should lose the whole 'Haha, I'm really old' shtick. (People)

• Apparently, Sarah Silverman's appearance on her ex-boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel's late night talk show made for some pretty awkward moments! Yep, didn't see that one coming... (

• What happens when the Girls Next Door move out of the neighborhood? We're not sure, but rumor has it Hef's girls Holly and Kendra are in search of new digs. (

• The first rule of TV 101: If you're gonna make a show called Cougar Town, you must (we repeat, MUST) get Courteney Cox to star in it. Capiche? (The Insider)

• And speaking of cougars, word has it there's already a Melrose spinoff in the works! We're just hoping Amanda Woodward's still rocking three-inch roots -- and dressed like some sort of high-class, boardroom hooker. (Fox News)

30 Rock star Tracy Morgan's leaving the dimly-lit world of strip clubs behind...but that doesn't mean he can't still get his money's worth... (NY Daily News)