Who Wants To Meet Lo Bosworth's Secret 'Ex'-Boyfriend??

A month after supposedly breaking up with her boyfriend (fellow UCLA alum Christian Wenger) Lo Bosworth popped up on The Hills: Live After Show -- and it didn't sound as though she and Christian had decided to go the "just friends" route after all.

So what's the real deal? Well, given that Lo's one reality star who HATES talking about her personal life (crazy, we know!), we can't say for sure. But we CAN post this screenshot from this week's Hills, where we saw Lo looking all cute and couply (well, maybe not in this particular picture) at Crown Bar with a tall, dark and handsome stranger, who we're assuming HAS to be the mysterious Christian!

But since we don't like the looks of Lo's frowny face, we're calling on all you body language experts out there (or at least those of you who aren't contractually obligated to Us Weekly) and asking you to decipher this slightly uncomfortable moment. (Our best guess? Christian just told Lo that he accidentally ordered her a REGULAR coke instead of Diet. Trauma-rama!)