Reality Check: Lacey Schwimmer Becomes Second DWTS Contestant To Contract Endometriosis This Week

Lance Bass' DWTS partner, Lacey Schwimmer, is a sick little chickadee...just like Julianne Hough! Seriously, people, STOP DRINKING THE WATER OVER THERE. (

American Idol head honchos might be pulling the plug on Josiah Leming's record deal. (MTV News)

• Like Eddie Murphy before him, VMAs host Russell Brand is coming to America! Or, as he puts it, "I hope to go to America now and make quite a lot of films." (The Sun - UK)

• Meanwhile, Idol host Ryan Seacrest has spoken out in support of actress Jennifer Hudson, calling the former AI contestant a "strong" woman. (People)

• Former ANTM wannabe Lisa D'Amato shows Tyra Banks what she clearly hasn't been missing. (TMZ)