True Life Producers' White Lie Leads To White Wedding!

The producers of True Life are sometimes forced to keep a secret from someone we're following because revealing it would interfere with the story. This was the case with True Life: I'm Getting Married 2. We knew that in order for us to follow Jason's surprise planning we would need to keep the actual topic of the show a secret from his bride-to-be. So, we decided to tell Melissa that we were filming a True Life about Jason studying abroad.

Initially, Melissa was excited about the show. She’s a fan of True Life and was looking forward to participating. Once we got to Paris, however, we mainly followed Jason by himself because he couldn’t plan the wedding with Melissa around. He was away from Melissa for long periods of time with the excuse that he had to show us what it was like to study abroad before returning home the following week. For Melissa, this was very tough since she was hoping they could spend quality time together taking in the sights. Beyond this, we were also nervous that Melissa would be upset when she found we had fibbed, and would want us to leave.

Luckily when Jason revealed the surprise in the park and told Melissa the truth about why we were there, she could not have been more excited. She told Jason that all the time he’d been spending away from her planning the wedding was totally worth it. Melissa was also excited to have us at the wedding (and that her wedding would be on MTV!), which was a huge relief for all of us.