True Life Addendum: Sarah & Tristan Tied The Knot... Before The Big Wedding!

Throughout True Life: I’m Getting Married 2 both couples, for better or worse, were constantly dealing with the unexpected. From Sarah and Tristan’s caterer cancelling to Melissa learning that Jason had planned an entire wedding on his own, it seemed like a day didn’t go by without a new surprise. And for Sarah and Tristan, even the most mundane of preparations -- getting a marriage license at the courthouse -- was no exception.

Since Sarah and Tristan wanted to have their ceremony in Mexico, their marriage wouldn’t be considered legal in the United States unless they went to the local courthouse and got 'legally' married. They figured it was just a matter of signing some papers and hitting the road, but they were in for yet another surprise.

Watch what happens when Sarah and Tristan get a little bit more of a courthouse ceremony than they were bargaining for: