Breaking: Aubrey O'Day Is The Kinda Girl Who Kisses Kanye...And Tells

You gotta love a gal who knows how to keep things interesting. And nobody keeps us guessing about her personal life more than former Danity Kane-er Aubrey O'Day. Sure, Diddy wasn't exactly a big fan of Aubrey's attention-grabbing extracurriculars (like that almost-pornographic spread in Complex magazine) but the way we see it, if the girl wants to make out with Donnie Wahlberg one night and Joe Francis the next, that's her biz.

'Course, that doesn't mean we can't live vicariously through Aubs' supposed exploits. Which is why we are loving this rumor that she recently locked lips with Kanye West.

Reports the NY Post: "We're told the duo were recently at 1Oak making out. 'Either they actually kissed, or Aubrey was just telling people they kissed,' said our source."

Hmm, not exactly hard and fast evidence, but compelling stuff nonetheless. And while we're not sure what to make of this as-yet-unconfirmed gossip (According to the Post, "reps on both sides had no comment") we're thinking Aubrey could do a lot worse than 'Ye. Speaking of which, if Kanye did lock lips with the DK dropout, what line do you think he used as his opener?

(We're sort of torn between "You could be my black Kate Moss tonight" and "I'm feeling like Katrina with no FEMA.")