Got Something Snarky To Say? Be Our Guest On The Hills 'Backchannel'

MTV calls it a "competitive chat game." I call it "talking sh*t." You know, the stuff you do while watching The Hills each week from the comfort of your living room couch? I mean, even if you're watching alone, it's hard to keep your mouth shut when Spencer makes his sister/Heidi/Heidi's mom/the mailman -- cry. Or what about when Brody refers to someone as "homie" for the hundredth time?

Well, instead of shouting at your innocent TV, take all your frustration out by playing The Hills: Backchannel, a safe place to vent your shock and awe over LC's latest breakup or Audrina's willingness to give Justin Bobby a second (third, fourth, etc.) chance. Or maybe you just want to praise the girls for being true to themselves? Positive feedback is more than welcome! All your witty comments will be judged by other Hills fans in on the game.

Before heading over to play, take a peek at some of the highest scoring zingers on the leaderboard and take our poll: