Hills Deja Vu! LC Gets A Chance On Greek To Redeem Herself For Flaking On Paris

(Photo: ABC Family)

You know how we told you Lauren Conrad was guest-starring on the season finale of Greek? Well, the fateful day has finally arrived! Tonight, LC shows up in a dream sequence to help Spencer Grammer's character, Casey, choose between her man and her career. You know, kinda like Lauren did when she passed up an amahzing Teen Vogue-sponsored trip to Paris to spend the summer breaking up with Jason Wahler instead. (Zut alors!)

+ Think Lauren will help Casey make the right decision? Or will Casey be known as the second "girl who didn't go to Paris?" Tune in tonight (9pm) to find out whether the older-and-wiser Hills veteran tells Casey to go for the guy... or put herself (and her career!) first.