Does Paula Still Think Kenny's A Piece Of Poop?

Paula took a major hit during tonight's Island finale when The Alliance betrayed her trust and chose Evelyn as their co-paddler. Was anyone so naive to think 75K couldn't come between friends?

So yeah, Paula got stuck with the stubby end of stick, and that sucks for her, but this might've been the first time Kenny's ever taken the high road. Hurrah! I mean, Evelyn really deserved to be on that damn boat, doncha think?

Anywho, Paula's a pretty forgiving person... turns out there aren't anymore hard feelings. At least that's what it sounds like in the video clip below. But no one ever said a girl couldn't change her mind -- ya might want to tune in next week for The Reunion Special when P. Walnuts attempts to drown Kenny in a river of her tears.