Reality Check: Gov. Palin Asks Tina Fey If She Wants Bristol To Babysit... For Realz!

• Apparently, Sarah Palin asked Tina Fey if she needed a babysitter during SNL last weekend -- and offered up her daughter, Bristol, for the job! Sadly, Tina turned her down, most likely because (a) she already had a sitter lined up (b) that would've been weird, and (c) last Saturday just happened to be Bristol's birthday. (HuffPo)

DWTS's Julianne Hough is taking a 2-week break from dancing to undergo an appendectomy. But's back to ballroom! (MSNBC)

• Meanwhile, Cloris Leachman won't be Dancing anytime soon, but she already has her next gig lined up: a role in Brad Pitt's new movie! (OK!)

The View denies rumors of an Elisabeth Hasselbeck/Joy Behar rift, despite strong on-air evidence to the contrary. (

Grey's Anatomy update: That hot/slightly insane army surgeon Cristina smooched in the season opener is returning to Seattle Grace. Welcome back, McSociopath! (E! Online)