Screaming, Crying And Slurring: Get Ready For The Most Effed Up RW/RR Reunion Special Ever!

Less than two weeks ago, The Island's ex-castaways -- freshly shaven, showered and well fed -- piled into the MTV Times Square studio for a chance to clear their names, bawl their eyes out and get retribution on those who betrayed them during the Challenge. Apparently it was also a good opportunity to unwind with a cocktail... just for old time's sake, right? We'll admit, the bottle that was being passed around in the Green Room was labeled 'Cranberry Juice Cocktail,' but what followed its consumption did not appear to be a sugar high.

We got a chance to interview the entire cast individually before they hit the stage -- and as usual, their brutal honesty about each other did not disappoint. Here's a special backstage moment to nibble on before the show airs next Wednesday (yes, that's KellyAnne with the purple streaked 'do, and yes, she was this close to popping a cap in Kenny's ass):

Also check out the below snippet from Ev's interview. After being called every name in the book by Johnny Bananas, is it all water under the bridge since they won the game together? Yes, and no... not at all. See what we mean: