Scoop And Shanda To Fans: 'Thank You For Being Part Of The Man and Wife Family'

Not everyone has the same taste when it comes to sex therapists. And while some of you might prefer to get your love questions answered by Sex…with Mom and Dad’s resident MD, Dr. Drew, others might prefer the more down-to-earth (and, generally, contradictory) style of Scoop and Shanda.

Sad news, people! Man and Wife looks to be taking what Heidi Montag would call a "relationship vacation." Which is to say Scoop and Shanda won't dishing out any more late-night sexpert advice (or making with the bedroom banter) anytime soon. But cheer up! You can still get in on the action by watching all their sextastic episodes on demand, and by enjoying this last-ever Q&A sesh from the happily married duo.