David Letterman Gives LC His Take On The Heidi Sitch: 'Maybe You're The Problem'

By now, we all know David Letterman has a history of grilling his Late Show guests and asking them unexpectedly awkward/amazing interview questions when they least expect it. And yet, we were still sort of amazed by last night's show, when he described Spencer (whom he'd previously called "oily" and "wormy") as a "weasel," told Lauren she was likely responsible for the rift with Heidi ("Maybe it's your fault. You think?") and tried to pinpoint Brody's purpose in life. (You know, besides being really, really ridiculously good looking.)

Anyhow, check out the entire exchange between Dave and Lauren to find out how the Hills star handled being in the hot seat on last night's Late Show. Bonus: You won't wanna miss the real reason behind Spencer's giant watch complex...

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