Island Poll: Are You Rooting For The Alliance -- Or Against It?

With the Real World/Road Rules Challenge winding down, we thought now seemed like a good time to find out which Island-ers you guys want to see take home the $300K grand prize. Are you guys rooting for Ev to win (alright, steal) the final key and lead her band of misfits to victory? Or are you hoping Johnny Bananas and Kenny's Island Mafia shtick actually translates into a real-life cash windfall?

Since we've got voting on the brain (Probably something to do with that O'Biden/McPalin race) we figured we'd put it to a poll and find out which guy -- or gal -- you WANT to see win the final challenge. And, to keep things interesting, we're also asking for your finale predictions (i.e. who you think WILL win). Get it? Got it? Good.

After the jump, take our second poll and let us know who you think has the best chance of winning. (Feel free to select more than one name in your answer).

+ Pssst! Don't forget to check back after the finale to find out how your picks matched up with the actual winners/losers!