Is Shannon Bex Done With Danity Kane? Plus: Is Diddy Tapping Cassie To Take Aubrey's Place?

It's taken us weeks to accept the fact that Danity Kane said buh-bye to Aubrey and D. Woods and went from a five girl powerhouse to a shaky trio in a matter of minutes. And while Diddy and the remaining three girls (Dawn, Aundrea and Shannon) spoke confidently about DK's future, we weren't sure what to make of the news that MTB would be back for another season.

Or the widespread speculation that Puff was going to try re-making the band, and fast -- either by searching for new talent or by convincing a solo artist (like, say, R&B singer Cassie) to come aboard.

And now, adding insult to injury, comes the even scarier news that the newly formed threesome might already be down to two. So who's the latest reported DK casualty? That would be founding member Shannon Bex.

The internet has been abuzz with news of Bex's alleged departure ever since Z100 first broke the (still unconfirmed) story on its website yesterday morning, writing: "Tired of the drama, cat fights and Diddy, [Shannon] hands in her microphone and tells Mr. Badboy Worldwide where to stick it."

And while our colleagues over at MTV News contacted DK's rep to ask about rumors of Shannon leaving -- and Cassie joining -- the band, it seems they only heard back on one count.

"Cassie is not joining DK," the rep said. "Cassie is set to release her second solo album in spring of '09."

So where does that leave us on the whole Shannon sitch? Apparently, exactly where we started: Laying awake at night, worrying about crazy internet rumors and the future of Danity Kane.

The only difference is, now we know Cassie won't be joining the group next season. That is, assuming there's still a group left to join by then...