Attack Of The Non-BFFs! Is Paris Hilton Paying The Price For Popularity?

Although red carpet queen Paris Hilton is the living embodiment of the phrase "all press is good press," we have a feeling she's not gonna like the long, angry rant in today's Boston Globe. Mostly cause the article, which has a definite "I Hate Paris" lean, reads more like a page out of the BFFs' Burn Book than a legitimate news story.

Yep, in an effort to depict Paris as a sucky person, the author cites everything from the heiress' voice ("a perfectly honed bored-rich-girl monotone) to her supposed "below-the-belt" conduct and overall passive aggressiveness. And while everyone's entitled to their opinion, we're thinking there are better ways to voice your disapproval than by, say, using the power of the press to publicly eviscerate someone just because you don't like her "bleached-and-artificially-tanned package."

(You know, like not watching the show at all.)

Speaking of which, for someone who's "been watching far too much of [Paris'] new MTV reality contest," you'd think the author would at least know Paris' trademark goodbye phrase. For the record, her sendoff is not TTYM (which, according to the Globe, stands for "Talk to you mañana.") It's TTYN, as in "Talk to you never."

Which, we're thinking, is exactly what Paris would say to a certain non-BFF over at the Boston Globe...