Paris Pipes Up: Sorry Natasha, You're So Not Cooler Than Me

On tonight's Paris Hilton's My New BFF, the girls were rated on their flirtation skills. But Natasha didn't feel like making out (or even kissing up) to Dirt Nasty, whom she already knew from way back when. It was sort of like that time in Japan when she didn't feel like walking the red carpet (because it wasn't rolled out for her specifically) or that other time when she didn't feel like paying attention to a performance critique (because the director wasn't worth her time). Kinda made us wonder: Was anyone cool enough for Natasha? Well, Paris didn't feel like having to prove herself to some civilian, which became a major deal breaker. Find out what else sent our Jersey Girl packing in this exclusive interview with P. Hilton herself:

Whatevs, Natasha now says she wouldn't step into Paris' shadow even if she was asked. Girlfriend just wasn't put on this Earth to play follow the leader. And now that she's 4 eva outta P-Town, Natasha can tell you what she really thought of Perez Hilton and the other BFF contestants. Check it out after the jump!