Reality Check: Sophia Bush Is Dating Her One Tree Hill Co-Star! (You Know, The One She Didn't Already Marry)

• OMG, Nathan and Brooke (i.e. James Lafferty and Sophia Bush) from One Tree Hill are totally dating! Which is really, really exciting for the .005% of you who still watch the CW -- and know that Sophia was briefly (but memorably!) married to the show's other star, Chad Michael Murray. (E! Online)

Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel might be broken up (at least, for now) but that's not stopping her from popping by her ex's late night show. (

Elisabeth Hasselbeck isn't enjoying The View of Joy Behar these days. Word has it, she and the "comedienne" are taking a cue from angry 7th grade girls everywhere and giving each other the silent treatment. Which, perhaps, explains why Hasselback's suddenly unhappy with her role as the show's token conservative. (Fox News)

• You know that old saying ("One man's trash is another man's treasure")? Yeah, we always thought that was neat. Oh, and in completely unrelated news, Jessica Simpson's latest straight-to-DVD movie here in the States is apparently #1 at the box office in Russia. (Scandalist)

Michelle Obama tells Jay Leno she's not a fashionista -- like, oh, we don't know, Sarah "Clothes Horse" Palin. (Jezebel)