Is Ev Rockin' The Boat For Paula And Dunbar?

Real World/Road Rules Challenges are like potato chips — once you start, you can’t get enough. Which is why I’ll be sifting through the ‘Challenge Dailies‘ each afternoon to make sure you’re getting your fill of the crazy castaways. (Tough job, I know, but somebody’s gotta do it!)

Apparently, everyone's taken it as a foregone conclusion that Ev will win the final faceoff and come away with a key. And if/when she does, the next question becomes who's key is she gonna go after? According to Dunbar, Ev's looking to take out a top competitor. Which could turn out to be a pretty good strategy. Because, as D-bar puts it, "there's at least three people with a key that, like, are kinda pathetic." And we all know the final challenge is sink or swim...

VMAs 2018