Psych 101: Does Stephanie Want A Boyfriend... Or A Bodyguard?

We're not sure how to say this -- so we're just gonna come right out with it: we're a little worried about Stephanie and Cameron's future together. And before you respond, no, it's not because Cam didn't stand up to Spencer on the double date (yeah, we would've just sat there, too) or because he didn't rip into Brody for hurting his girlfriend's feelings. It's because, well, we think Stephanie might be in this for the wrong reasons.

Look, we love the girl (seriously, L-O-V-E her!), but c'mon, doesn't anyone else think she's asking a lot out of Cameron? She and this guy have been dating for, like, a minute and all of a sudden she's expecting him to throw down at a bar with Brody Jenner (in front of all of Brody's friends, BTW) and defend her honor? Survey says, not gonna happen.

And what's the big deal, anyway? Less than half an hour earlier, Stephanie told Lauren: "At least I'll have, like, protection, if Brody, like, says anything to me." Thing is, though, Brody didn't say anything -- so why was Steph giving Cameron such a hard time for not "protecting" her? Not to get all Dr. Phil on you or anything (too late??) but we're thinking maybe it's because Stephanie wanted more than protection; she wanted vindication.

Not that we blame her, of course. Seriously, who doesn't like the idea of having someone else fight their battles for them? (Especially when those battles include, say, a brother who barely speaks to you, a new bestie who thinks you betrayed her and an angry frat dude who makes you cry on a semi-regular basis.)

Yep, we can definitely see why Steph might look to Cameron for security. But if two interrogations from Speidi are enough to make her feel like she wants to break up with the guy, maybe it's time for Steph to ask herself whether she's looking for a boyfriend -- or a knight in shining armor. There's a difference, doncha think?!