Hills Poll: Was Audrina Right To Give JB One More Chance?

Like Justin Bobby once said (i.e. earlier on tonight's Hills) "to be in a relationship, you've kinda gotta be, like, together." Which is why Audrina broke things off with Corey, skipped out on Brandy's studio sesh and threw her deceptively strong arms around JB despite all of co-worker Chiara's best efforts. But did she make the right decision?

Clearly, Corey doesn't think so -- the BMXer told his soon-to-be ex "Well, you know how that story goes" -- and the ever-sensible Chiara used every argument in the book (e.g. "Think of how many times you've wanted to end it with him") to derail the inevitable reconciliation. But in the end, Audrina responded to JB's semi-grand romantic gesture (and surprise hair-combing!) by flying back to his side faster than you can say "Um, hello? Remember Cabo??"

Think Drina's a hopeless romantic? Or does the girl deserve props for refusing to turn her back on love? Take our poll and let us know whether Audrina made the right call by kicking Corey to the curb -- and giving JB one more chance to prove he's The One.