Brody Jenner Gets A Teensy Bit Closer To Admitting He Can't Live Without LC

Remember when we asked y'all that totally taboo question: Could there ever be a Hills without Lauren Conrad? You obviously didn't think so, seeing as 3/4 of you swore you would never even bother to TiVo the show if LC peaced for greener pastures.

And guess what: Brody Jenner totally agrees with you.

"They will never find anybody to replace LC," Brody Jenner told reporters at OK! magazine. "She's an incredible girl and there will be nobody to replace her."

True, Lauren's spent some uncharacteristic time on the sidelines this season (what with all the Brody vs. Steph drama and Audrina/Justin Bobby's long, drawn out maybe-breakup) but c'mon, a Hills without LC? That'd be like Gossip Girl with no Serena Van der Woodsen -- which is to say theoretically possible, but highly inadvisable.

Meanwhile, we're kinda intrigued by Brody's sudden show of LC-related loyalty. Hey Brody, here's a thought: if you think Lauren's a one-of-a-kind gal, why not give her a reason to stay?

We'd suggest ditching the sleazies (or at least sending them back to the Jersey Shore for a while) and professing your undying love to her at your earliest convenience. Sure, Frankie will be disappointed but he'll still have Doug and Sleazy T! And more importantly, we'll still have Lauren...