Living Proof That Hills Fans Are Wicked Smart (Or At Least Not Stupid)

The Hills: Live After Show has another big night lined up for youse superfans. Long lost Lo Bosworth will be chillin' in the studio with our sassy Canadian superhosts, Jessi and Dan. Also, a surprise celeb is scheduled to phone in during the gossip session. Nope, it's not that naysayer, Charlize Theron!

And speaking of power duo Jessi and Dan, here's a little tidbit from my interview with them last week at their Toronto set. J&D want y'all to know something: they may be a bit obsessed with LC's come-and-go friendships, Brody Jenner's headwear selections and Spencer's uncanny ability to make most women cry, BUT they didn't get their college degrees in Couch Potato-ing. They are smart, well-studied individuals who have a long career of critical analysis ahead of them. At least, as long as MTV continues to create spinoffs.

BONUS CLIP AFTER THE JUMP! There's a time and a place for talking about The Hills...