Reality Check: Katie Couric Breaks Down (Fake) Tom Cruise/Matt Lauer Rivalry

• According to Katie Couric, Tom Cruise is totes jealous of Today show host Matt Lauer. Why? Because "[Cruise] wants to be the only heterosexual man in the room who everyone thinks is gay." Zing! (CNN)

Jessica Szohr (a.k.a. Vanessa from Gossip Girl) admits that her character is kinda lame. Sadly, she refuses to discuss the awkward sexual tension between Vanny and Dan Humphrey's dad. (MTV News)

The View's Elisabeth Hasselbeck thinks the media's putting way too much attention on Sarah Palin's designer duds. Oh, and BTW, Palin is totally "not a fashionista." (Obvs, she's a pitbull!) Which explains why "she called Jimmy Choos Johnny Choos" by mistake. D'oh! (

Project Runway's Tim Gunn joins Speidi, other gay rights activists in standing up for same-sex marriage. (E! Online)

• Recently ousted reality something-or-other Kim Kardashian is betting on Brooke Burke to win this year's Dancing with the Stars. (TV Watch)