Tila Tequila Successfully Stretches Bday Into Boozy, 7-Day Partay

Some people hate birthdays. Others merely tolerate them, obligingly allowing their significant other to round up a few friends for a quiet dinner in honor of the annual milestone. But there's a select group of individuals who love being the center of attention so much that they stretch the anniversary of their birth into a week-long extravaganza -- and use it as an excuse for nonstop partying, over-the-top PDAs and/or wearing a tiara out in public.

We'll let you guess which category Tila Tequila (seen here three days after her actual birthday, and one day before her "official" celebration) fits into.

PS, for those of you wondering, the tiara was back in action on Saturday night for Tila's second third big day. HUZZAH!