Reality Check: Ugly Betty Has-Been Lindsay Lohan Will Never Work In This Town Again!

• Apparently things got pretty "Ugly" between Lindsay Lohan and America Ferrara on the Betty set. Supposedly, Lindsay's 6-episode run was cut short due to her over-the-top diva-like behavior. Hard to believe, we know. (

• Oh, and did we mention that as a result of the (supposed) America fracas, LiLo is now totally unhirable? Geez, who knew Ugly Betty was, like, the Godfather of Tinseltown? (MSNBC)

• Meanwhile, Will Ferrell reprises his W. impression to endorse a reluctant Sarah Palin (i.e. Tina Fey) on last night's SNL. (E! Online)

• Fluish Gossip girl Taylor Momsen is almost all better from her crazy throat disorder. (SF Gate)

Rachael Ray describes John McCain as a "militant" chef. "He was so passionate about the cooking process that he was militant," she says. "He has specific rules about everything!" (NY Daily News)

• Did you watch the Stylista series premiere last night?? Yeah, neither did we. But apparently, all the future Elle wannabes are sucky in different ways! (TV Watch)