Busted Rap Sheet: Have The Show's Naughty Alumni Learned Their Lesson?

Saturday's Busted LIVE: Countdown to Lockdown featured all sorts of good ole fashioned fun (body searches! two-way mirrors! take downs!), but our favorite part of the event was catching up with the show's alumni to see how their lives have been going since the po-po came a knockin'. Most of them are staying outta trouble... but not all.

Offender: Richard

Story: Rich Taser

Lesson Learned? No matter how good you are, everyone gets Busted!

What Was It Like Watching? Definitely embarrassing! It's like watching your own walk of shame.

Been Busted Since? No trouble since -- I hate jail!

Offender: Lindsey

Story: Munchie Run

Lesson Learned? Apparently you can't run down the street at midnight without looking suspicious!

What Was It Like Watching? Awkward! But I wasn't embarrassed because my philosophy is that you only live once so you might as well do everything you can!

Been Busted Since? Nope!

Offender: Josh

Story: Skinny Dipping

Lesson Learned? Try not to get Busted.

What Was It Like Watching? Not good. Embarrassing.

Been Busted Since? Yes, a DUI.

Offender: Kelly

Story: Buzzed Taxi

Lesson Learned? Never drink and drive. I've actually been sober for two months and going strong.

What Was It Like Watching? It's interesting seeing yourself on TV. I'm not going to lie, it was pretty sweet!

Been Busted Since? Not at all. I'm staying strong and changing my life.

Offender: Brittany

Story: Skinny Dipping

Lesson Learned? Never swim in a lake after hours!

What Was It Like Watching? I was beyond embarrassed. Like, I freaked out.

Been Busted Since? No, I actually got a job working with law enforcement!

Offender: Rebekah

Story: Daiquiri Dames

Lesson Learned? Don't be in possession of alcohol if you're under 21. I still drink, but I'm way more cautious! Also, always read the fine print before you sign a legal document.

What Was It Like Watching? The aired episode was not nearly as embarrassing as the filmed arrest.

Been Busted Since? No more trouble for me!

Offender: Paige

Story: Daiquiri Dames

Lesson Learned? It's a new rule of thumb to never put a straw in my drink before I'm out of the car.

What Was It Like Watching? I tried to avoid watching but my friends eventually made me. I was not proud to be on TV and it was extremely embarrassing.

Been Busted Since? Nope, this was the only time I ever got in trouble.