Who Wants To Buy Tila Tequila A Birthday Shot??

Tila Tequila turns 27-years-old tomorrow! Which means, in less than 24 hours, one of her (many, many) stripper friends will, most likely, be jumping out of a giant cake in honor of the lovelorn reality star. (Or, better yet, Tila's girlfriend -- and Yahoo! princess -- Courtenay Semel, who could probs use a little pick-me-up after watching her daddy's former company drop down to a measly $12/share.)

'Course, in typical celeb fashion, Tila's real birthday party isn't 'til next weekend. And like Miley Cyrus before her, Tila's opening up the guestlist to the (paying) American public. Yep, for just $20 dollars (or 1.83 shares of Yahoo! stock) you can crash Tila's Miami bday bash at Kary and Y.** So call up Granny and Grandpa and find out whether you can crash at their Florida retirement condo this Fri/Sat night. Cause we have a feeling this is one fiesta you're not gonna want to miss...

**Which, for those keeping track, is $230 cheaper than price of admission to Miley's Disney-themed soiree, meaning you'll save cash AND avoid forced interaction with that creepy, perpetually smiling Minnie Mouse.