Is Audrina Taking Justin Bobby Back?? Also: Brody Wants A Word With Steph's New Bf...

Stephanie and her new boy aren't exactly off to the strongest start. Earlier this week, we got our first glance of Cameron on The World's Most Awkward Double-Date Ever. Sadly, with Spencer running the show, Cam mostly faded into the background, sitting silently as Spencer alternately tapped his watch and congratulated his sister on her "first boyfriend." We did, however manage to learn one thing about the guy: he apparently used to hang with Brody, who -- as Spencer was kind enough to point out -- isn't exactly BFF with Steph these days. Hmm, wonder if that's gonna be an issue down the road?

Meanwhile, for whatever reason, looks like Audrina's STILL not totally ready to move on from Justin Bobby. (Weird! It's almost like she's immune to the charms of Corey's crazy bad-boy tats and dreamy Aussie accent!) Sure, she's having doubts -- but there's no way 'Drina's gonna let JB sabotage what could be an amazing new relationship... right?