Johanna Gives Kenny Piece of Ass, Peace of Mind

Being Kenny Santucci is not an easy job, especially on The Island. First, maintaining those boyish good looks can get tricky without the luxury of regular moisturizing and Ripped Fuel. Secondly, Kenny's constantly being approached for a free ride by each of the other castaways. They know he's got the power and influence to carry their sorry asses to a sailboat and ultimately win them $75,000. But all this pressure can be a burden on the self-proclaimed "Godfather" -- at night he tosses and turns over how to claim victory in the Freakiest Challenge Ever. Luckily, Kenny has a certain someone by his (bed)side to pet his head tenderly and remind him of his studliness. After all, behind every good man is a great woman...

All that said, Kenny basically thinks every other chick on The Island is clueless, Robin being the captain of their stupidity squad. Watch the clip below and see if you agree with Kenny's assessment of Robin's suckitude:

+ Is Kenny being too harsh on Robin or does she deserve his strong judgment? You tell us: Who's the biggest sucker on The Island?