Caught On Film! Top Five 'Busts' Of MTV History

Things'll be getting kinda criminal around here come Saturday at 2pm when MTV hosts a special live event celebrating those who've been Busted (mostly for being idiots) and the officers who bravely took them down. Busted LIVE: Countdown to Lockdown will not only include an all-day marathon of episodes, but a live studio audience here in Times Square will partake in some of their own shady shenanigans. Think you could conduct an effective body search? Survive an interrogation? Resist stealing a fiver if it was JUST SO EASY?

Everyone from Busted alumni to New York's finest will be in the house to share in all the family fun, and in honor of the big day, we've gone ahead and listed our favorite busts of MTV history. Take a sweet stroll down memory lane...

1) Real World: Denver

Tyrie gets caught peeing in public... just outside the RW house!

2) Beavis and Butt-Head

B&B get accused of stealing money from the register at work and are forced to take a lie detector test:

3) The Hills, Season 4

Brody and Doug go down fighting in Vegas, baby. LC and the girls try to find them by frantically combing through the phone book and calling every jail in the neighborhood. LOL!

Two more criminal moments after the jump!

4) Real World: San Diego

BOTH Robin and Brad get sent to jail for their drunken shenanigans. We think they deserve to get busted all over again for snapping this cheezy pic afterwards:

5) A Shot at Love 2 with Tila Tequila

The po-po ruin the party when Tila's suitors get too raucous: