First Look: 50 Cent: The Money And The Power

There's a new Donald Trump in town, and this rap superstar-turned-mogul has more hair, better catch-phrases and a cool $100K on the line. But don't confuse Fiddy's search for a protege with that other business-themed reality show. "I'm not looking for some half-assed apprentice," Fiddy intones in the trailer for his new show, 50 Cent: The Money and The Power.

And he's definitely not looking for someone who can't take constructive (or non-constructive) criticism, either. To get the benefit of 50's entrepreneurial wisdom -- and, of course, the prize-money -- these 14 contestants had better be able to take an insult (i.e. "You're like a poor man's Lil' Kim") and step up to every single challenge...even those involving chain-gangs.

Otherwise? We have a feeling they'll be dissed and dismissed faster than you can say "Get the f--- outta here."