Hot Child In The City! Whitney To Leave The Hills, LC Foreva Eva!

After chatting it up with Whitney last night (who, FYI, is even sweeter, nicer, prettier, taller and blonder in person!) we couldn't wait to see a sneak peek of her new spinoff, The City. Lucky for us, it was only a matter of hours. The trailer for Whit's new show aired for the very first time during last night's Hills: Live After Show, and since we're here in Toronto (crazy, eh??) we actually had the surreal experience of WATCHING Whitney watching Whitney's new show. (Eeeee!)

And in typical Whitney style, the soon-to-be-former Hills star was all smiles while she took in the clip with Dan and Jessi. (Amazing, considering that we were somewhat of an emotional wreck!)

Anyhow, check out this first look at Whitney's spinoff and forget everything she told us yesterday about there not being enough drama. After all, what else would you call a montage that includes saying goodbye to your BFF, Lauren, hello to the TWO gorgeous guys already fighting over you, and welcome back to the (thankfully!) still-there Kelly Cutrone?