Hills Roundup: LC Sells Out, Audrina Gets Slashed, Speidi Feed The People

It seems like just yesterday that Audrina and Justin Bobby were off double-dating with Heidi and Spencer -- while Stephanie and Doug crept out for a "business thing" and Lauren fended off the advances of lewd, construction worker-like Italians. (In fact, that was actually TWO days ago). Meanwhile, in real-time, the guys and gals of The Hills have been busier than ever! Fortunately for you, we've got the scoop.

First up, Audrina (who moved into her new digs last week) hasn't wasted any time in moving on... career-wise, at least. The Into the Blue brunette has already scored her next big-screen gig: a role in the a remake of the 1980's horror flick, The House on Sorority Row. And from the sound of it, her scary, on-screen living sitch will make sharing a yard with Lo seem like a walk in the park.

Meanwhile, fashion gods have spoken, and apparently Lauren Conrad's clothes are a smashing success! The vice chairman at Bloomingdale's confirms her collection has been flying off the racks. "We can’t get the merchandise on the floor fast enough. It is, by far and away, the best-selling celebrity fashion line we have." Wow, take THAT Jessica Simpson's wedge-shoe line!

And finally, you might be surprised to learn that Heidi and Spencer are personally devoted to fighting world hunger. The duo have joined forces with Taco Bell to help raise money -- and awareness -- for this worthy cause, and word has it they'll be starting off by force-feeding the rapidly disappearing cast of 90210. (Oh, lighten up -- it's a joke, people.) And we say, hats off to Speidi for trying to make a difference in this crazy, mixed-up world!